/baʊ / (say bow)

verb (i)
1. to bend or curve downwards; stoop: the pines bowed low.
2. to yield; submit: to bow to the inevitable.
3. to bend the body or head in worship, reverence, respect, or submission.
4. to incline the head or body, or both, in salutation, etc.
verb (t)
5. to bend or incline in worship, submission, respect, civility, or agreement: to bow one's head.
6. to cause to submit; subdue; crush.
7. to cause to stoop: age had bowed his head.
8. to express by a bow, or by bowing: to bow one's thanks.
9. to usher (in, out, etc.) with a bow.
10. to cause to bend; make curved or crooked.
11. an inclination of the head or body in salutation, assent, thanks, reverence, respect, or submission.
12. bow and scrape, to be servile: *`if you like to bow and scrape to rich people, well and good,' I said; `but that's not my way.' –rolf boldrewood, 1889.
13. bow out, to retire; leave the scene.
14. bow to,
a. to make a bow to: to bow to the queen.
b. to defer to: to bow to someone's superior knowledge.
15. take a bow, to acknowledge compliments, admiration, applause, etc.
{Middle English bowe(n), Old English būgan, related to German biegen bend. See bail4}
bowed /baʊd/ (say bowd), adjective
/boʊ / (say boh)

1. a strip of flexible wood or other material bent by a string stretched between its ends, used for shooting arrows.
2. a bend or curve.
3. something curved or arc-shaped.
4. a looped knot, as of ribbon, composed of one or two loops and two ends.
5. (plural)b-bows.
6. Music
a. an implement, originally curved, but now almost always straight, with horsehairs stretched upon it, designed for playing any stringed instrument.
b. a single stroke of such an implement.
7. the arched front part of a saddle.
8. a U-shaped piece under an animal's neck to hold a yoke.
9. a rainbow.
10. curved; bent like a bow: bow legs.
verb (t)
11. to bend into the form of a bow; curve.
12. Music to perform on (a stringed instrument).
verb (i)
13. to bend into a curve or bow.
14. to play a stringed instrument with a bow.
15. a new (or second) string to one's bow, a new skill: to add a new string to one's bow by learning a foreign language.
16. draw a long bow, to exaggerate; overstate: *I have little doubt that in some stories … he drew the long bow. –mary durack, 1959.
17. have two strings to one's bow, to have more than one talent, possible course of action, etc., able to be used. {Phrase Origin: from the practice in medieval times of longbow users carrying an extra string in case the first one broke}
{Middle English bowe, Old English boga}
bowless, adjective
bower, noun
/baʊ / (say bow)

1. (sometimes plural) the front or forward part or end of a ship, boat, etc.
2. Also, bow oar. the foremost oar used in rowing a boat.
3. Also, bow oar, bowman. the person who pulls that oar.
4. on the port bow, within 45° to port of the direction in which the ship is heading.
5. on the starboard bow, within 45° to starboard of the direction in which the ship is heading.
{Low German boog, or Dutch boeg, related to Old English bōg shoulder. See bough}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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